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tps training program

tps training program

Also you will know how to combine this tools into our corporate strategies. 

With these tools the employees will be focused more clearly on the organizational goals and strategies, while sensing their individual contributions to its  success.  

Points to understand the process and benefits of Floor Management Development System:

  • Identify where those Tools fit in the floor management life cycle?
  • The “What’s of​ every item.
  • Use class exercises to emphasize learning. 

 The next documents are based on Toyota Production System, elements which are applied by CAMEX/TKLM. 

The main purpose of this training is to improve effectiveness and productivity in management system,DEVELOPMENT at the same time the next skills:

  • Communication.
  • ​Visualize abnormalities.
  • Organizational Commitment.
  • Analyze a problem /faster/easier.
  • Detect any risky activity.

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Knowledge room

 In this area we share the acquired knowledge about TPS with all Toyota Tsusho members